Ultramarathoner Robert Adam Swiderski

To raise awareness and support for this year’s Basket Brigade of Suburban Chicago, Robert just completed 10 marathons in 10 days, raising another $9,000 for this cause. In 2019 Robert ran 152 miles in 42 hours and 45 days later he ran 206 miles over 82 hours raising about $7,000 for this cause.

Robert Adam Swiderski is the Organizational Development Specialist for Becker Logistics. His role is to coach, mentor, and teach all team members on Emotional Intelligence (EQ). That is to help them become more self-aware, self-regulated, motivated, empathetic and better communicators.

Robert’s life’s purpose is … “To awaken your mind and inspire your heart so that together we can spread kindness and deliver hope”. Knowing his purpose has given him the courage needed to exercise leadership as his natural form of self-expression, inspiring others to see what is possible for them and raise 2 daughters that he is incredibly proud of.
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